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Why East Africa

It is a place so remarkable it stands out even on a continent unparalleled for the richest of its wildlife, landscape and culture.

East Africa straddles the equator in the central portion of the African continent.the independent countries of Kenya and Tanzania cover most of the territory. The landscape is extraordinary: grassy, rock-strewn deserts extinct volcanoes fresh and saltwater lakes, forested mountains, palm fringed beaches and coral reefs.


A highland plateau, crowned by the snow -capped Mount Kilimanjaro extends over much of the region. It is the habitat of many of the wildlife species for which East Africa is famed. Serengeti National park in Tanzania and Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya adjoin one another over their nation’s borders [...] Read More


Uganda is often described as "The pearl of Africa", this beautiful country has much to offer, a country of Lakes ( Lake Victoria the second largest freshwater lake in the world),falls (the magnificent Murchison Falls Pluging hundreds of feet into a narrow gorge),mountains and forests (Bwindi - home of the gorilla and known for years as ’Impenetratable Forest’) [...] Read More


In southeast Kenya between Nairobi and the Kenyan coast, lies Amboseli National Park. Against the backdrop of mighty Kilimanjaro, mammal and bird life thrives. Some 55 game species roam the land, including lion, leopard, Cheetah, impala,buffalo and several rare blackrhinos.TsavoWest and TsavoEast also serve as major tourist Attractions in the south- Shetani Lava flow and Mzima springs been the center of attraction. [...] Read More

Throughout East Africa there are numerous ethnic groups with unique culture traditions. Among the better known are the Bajun, Kikuyu, samburu and Turkana. Perhaps the most famous is the masai tribe. Until as recently as 100 hundred years ago the Masai ruled over much of East Africa. Their warriors were renowned for their bravery. Now concentrated in southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania, they cling tenaciously to their culture and customs. To describe the masai attitude towards cattle as mystical is not an exaggeration- they believe any pursuit other than cattle herding is demeaning to themselves and insulting to their god. The Masai’s many rites of passage give their lives a profound meaning. A centuries old Arab presence along east Africa’s coast and offshore islands provides these areas with a distinctive flavor.

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